Refund Policy

Our vouchers are NON-Refundable unless you accept the Refund Protection offered at time of reservation.

Refund Protection

Our Refund Protection provides you with the security that you will receive 100% refund if the voucher is not used, regardless of reason. 

Terms and Condition

- If you cannot rent a vehicle regardles of reason, contact our support department within 30 days of pick up date, to request a refund.
  • Send an email to
  • Send: Name on the Reservation, Confirmation Number, Pick Up Location and Pick Up Date
Refund Time Table
  1.  If request for cancelation is submitted prior to pick up date, Refund will be processed within 3 days of receipt.
  2.  If request for cancelation is submitted at any other time, the refund may take up to 30 days. As a confirmation from the Car Rental Company that the voucher was NOT used is required and it may take up to 21 days for them to process.


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